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Whitening for Life For Only $695*

How Whitening for Life Works

When you decide to proceed with our Whitening for Life Programme*, the cost to get started is $695, which includes:

  • In-chair whitening treatment
  • A custom take-home whitening kit (5 days of use)
  • Free tube of whitening gel every six months

When patients arrange and maintain their regular six-month dental cleans and check-ups, they will receive a whitening refill to touch-up their smiles as new stains collect. 

As long as patients remain timely with their six-month appointments, top-up whitening gel will be provided at no additional cost.

How to Get Started

We will arrange an initial exam, clean, and x-rays. Call us on (02) 4647 5555 to arrange your visit.

Once your teeth are cleaned and healthy, we will take impressions to create your custom trays and have them ready within 1-2 weeks. Not more than one whitening gel refill will be provided every six months - not more than twice annually. If you lose or damage your trays, we will replace them for a nominal fee of $50.

  • Keep your regular check-up and clean appointments
  • Provide at least 48 hours notice if you need to change an appointment
  • Maintain a healthy mouth with good home and professional care
  • Keep accounts current with no outstanding balances
  • A $15 reinstatement fee will be charged to reinstate programme in the event you fail to follow the guidelines

‚ÄčWhy Choose Whitening for Life?

We see our complimentary whitening refill programme as a courtesy to help patients keep their smiles healthy and to provide an incentive for patients who wish to maintain their oral health.

Without the Offer

  • Zoom in-chair whitening $595
  • Take-home whitening $299

* Toothsavers Dentists have the right to refuse membership for any programme, including Whitening for Life, that have a negative impact on patient health or other reason necessary. We reserve the right to change the product type at any time.


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From 8th of May the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee has downgraded the practicing restrictions to Level 1.Under Level 1 restrictions most of the General dental treatment could be done including General Examination,Scale and clean and Orthodontic treatment .The phone and online screening of patients before their  appointment is still in place as per the Guidelines .  To find our more if you are able to have the dental treatment please call our office.