Dentures and Partial Dentures

If you have missing teeth and want an alternative to single dental implants, dentures or partial dentures may be the solution to give you your smile back. Many people who had parents or grandparents with dentures might not have an accurate idea of what today’s dentures look like.

You Never Have to Go Without Teeth

If patients facing dental extractions are concerned about having to go without teeth during the healing process, our dentists can create immediate dentures for use on the same day as extractions.

Regular follow-up visits will give our dentists an opportunity to adjust the immediate denture as the gums heal to improve fit and comfort. After about six months, a final denture can be created.

Natural-Looking, Lightweight Dentures

Modern dentures have natural-looking options to replace the false, too-white denture teeth of the past. Advancements in the design and materials used to create dentures also result in a lighter weight prosthetic that is easier to keep in place.

Complete dentures typically consist of a pink, resin base and denture teeth chosen to match the patient’s age, gender, facial structure and skin tone. Our dentists have plenty of experience helping patients achieve pleasing aesthetics with their dentures.

Perhaps more important is that today’s dentures are more stable due to improvements in design and the ability to anchor dentures into place using dental implants.

Partial Dentures for a Complete Smile

When designing partial dentures to complete patients’ smile, we offer the option of an acrylic, flexible or cobalt chromium base, depending on each patient’s needs. When choosing denture teeth for partial dentures, our dentists want patients to have seamless results and will closely match them to the natural teeth.

Partial dentures rely on small metal clasps to secure the denture to the teeth and hold it in place.

Denture and Partial Denture Maintenance

Partial dentures and complete dentures will require regular adjustments and inspections in our Mount Annan dental clinic to ensure they fit ideally and do not have any damage such as cracks or abrasions, which can collect bacteria and generate a foul odour.

At Toothsavers Dentists, we recommend that patients bring their dentures with them to their active maintenance appointments. We will provide an oral cancer screening and take x-rays to monitor bone levels even for patients who are completely edentulous.

It is essential to use a denture-specific cleanser to prevent damage to the prosthetic. Use a soft-bristled brush to remove any debris. If tartar collects, soaking the denture in plain vinegar will dissolve the minerals, which can then be brushed away.

Contact us to learn about replacing teeth with dentures. Our Mount Annan dentists have an excellent reputation for giving patients their smiles back by replacing missing teeth so that patients can enjoy better diets and a confident smile.