Infection Control

Why Is Infection Control So Important?

We want to ensure that every visitor to Toothsavers Dentists receives treatment in a safe, clean environment, so we take the matter of infection control very seriously. 

Toothsavers Dentists has invested in the newest and most effective sterilising equipment, and all our staff are trained to ensure this equipment is used correctly. To do this, we have very strict protocols in place that help ensure the safety of our working environment, protecting you and our staff. These protocols are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure we meet and exceed the most stringent infection control standards.

Do You Use Disposable Materials?

Whenever possible, we use items that are specifically designed for single use, before ensuring they are correctly disposed of. These include face masks and gloves, patient cups and disposable impression trays.

What about Cleaning Non-Disposable Instruments and Dental Surgeries?

Some dental instruments are not disposable but are thoroughly sterilised. These instruments go into a piece of equipment called an autoclave that sterilises them under vacuum using steam which is heated up to incredibly high temperatures. The instruments are packaged and are stored in sterile conditions until they are required, well away from possible contaminants. Work surfaces in a dental surgery are cleaned in between patients and at the end of the day, while other environmental surfaces are thoroughly and frequently cleaned. Our written protocols for cleaning all surfaces and equipment are extremely detailed including maintenance and cleaning regimes for the equipment and water lines.

Our surgeries have been specifically designed to make it easy to keep them meticulously clean and free from contamination. Patients are always welcome to ask us any questions about our infection control protocols as we are extremely proud of the high standards of infection control that we have in place. Your health and the health of our staff is extremely important to us.