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What Is QIP Accreditation?

QIP or Quality Innovation Performance is an accreditation given to a dental practice that has demonstrated its commitment to providing excellent patient care. A practice that has achieved this voluntary accreditation has integrated National Safety and Quality Health Services into its existing systems and is dedicated to continually improving its standards as part of an ongoing process.

Why Should I Choose a QIP Accredited Dental Practice?

By choosing a QIP accredited practice, you gain confidence and peace of mind from knowing you will receive the very highest standards of clinical care, protecting your safety and your dental health. QIP Accreditation is a lengthy process, and it is a choice, not a requirement which demonstrates a practice’s commitment to their patients. QIP accreditation provides patients with complete transparency while ensuring privacy is always protected. When visiting an accredited practice, you have the right to be shown respect, to be kept fully informed about your treatment and to be involved in any decision-making processes.

Why Has Tooth Savers Become Accredited?

We chose to become accredited because Toothsavers Dentists is fully committed to providing our patients with the very best dental care and our team collaborates closely to ensure every treatment provided is the most appropriate for your oral health needs. As part of our accreditation, Toothsavers Dentists is continually evaluating our systems, and we adhere to the very strictest of protocols to make sure you and your family are safe during every visit. 

Please ask if you would like more information or to see our certificate of accreditation and we always welcome your feedback. 

We are open!
From 8th of May the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee has downgraded the practicing restrictions to Level 1.Under Level 1 restrictions most of the General dental treatment could be done including General Examination,Scale and clean and Orthodontic treatment .The phone and online screening of patients before their  appointment is still in place as per the Guidelines .  To find our more if you are able to have the dental treatment please call our office.