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Who needs a mouth guard?

Why Might My Child Need a Mouth Guard?

Every year there are thousands of dental related injuries due to playing sports. These injuries can result in chipped or broken teeth or even in teeth being knocked out completely. They can also affect the jaws. When a child wears a well-fitting mouth guard, these injuries can be minimised or in some cases avoided completely. If your child loves to play sports, then it’s worth asking Tooth Savers about a custom fitted mouth guard. Ideally, a mouth guard should be worn when playing any sport where an injury could occur. This includes contact and some non-contact sports.

What Is a Mouth Guard?

Our custom-made guards are made from a tough thermoplastic material that will fit exactly over your child’s upper teeth. The mouth guard will be made from an odourless and neutral tasting material, it should be comfortable to wear and will not hinder breathing. We can design the mouth guard so it is thickened in critical areas so your child will gain maximum protection when wearing this appliance. Sports mouth guards also come in lots of designs and colours which make them a bit more fun to wear.

How Is a Mouth Guard Made?

Fabricating a custom-made mouth guard is very straightforward, and we will simply need to take an impression of your child’s mouth. The mouth guard will be made to our prescription in our dental laboratory and can be fitted and adjusted if necessary during a follow-up appointment at Tooth Savers. We will check the condition of the mouth guard at regular intervals to make sure it doesn’t have any rips or tears and is still fitting correctly.

Mouth guards are very easy to look after as they simply need rinsing thoroughly after each use to make sure they are clean before they are stored in the perforated case provided by our dental practice. Just make sure you store the mouth guard away from direct heat as this could distort it.

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