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What can you do for bad breath?

An Examination Will Help Identify the Problem

Fresh breath is something many of us take for granted so it can be a shock to find out it isn’t quite as sweet smelling as we first thought. Bad breath or halitosis will affect everybody from time to time, usually as a result of something we’ve eaten. However persistent bad breath does require investigation, and this is where Tooth Savers can help. Common causes of bad breath include:

• Untreated tooth decay
• Gum disease
• Dry mouth or xerostomia
• Poor oral hygiene
• Poorly fitting dental appliances
• Yeast infection
• Smoking or using tobacco products

Bad breath may also be due to medical problems, for example, respiratory tract infections, liver or kidney problems, acid reflux or problems with your salivary glands.

An examination will enable us to determine if the cause is due to a dental related problem. If it is, we can recommend a suitable treatment plan to help restore fresh breath. If the problem is due to poor oral hygiene, our hygienist can professionally clean your teeth and will work with you to help improve your oral care at home. Often just using the correct brushing techniques or learning how to floss more effectively can make a huge difference. If you find flossing too difficult, our hygienist can recommend different tools to try, for example, interdental brushes can be very effective and easy-to-use.

If we cannot find any reason for your bad breath, we will suggest you book an appointment with your GP to find out if it’s being caused by an undiagnosed medical problem. If it’s possible the issue is due to medications, your GP may be able to prescribe something different, but it’s important not to stop prescription medications before discussing this with your doctor.

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From 8th of May the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee has downgraded the practicing restrictions to Level 1.Under Level 1 restrictions most of the General dental treatment could be done including General Examination,Scale and clean and Orthodontic treatment .The phone and online screening of patients before their  appointment is still in place as per the Guidelines .  To find our more if you are able to have the dental treatment please call our office.