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What is amalgam-free dentistry?

For decades a material called amalgam would be routinely used to repair cavities in back teeth. Amalgam is a silver coloured material that is a combination of several metals including mercury. While this material is very hard wearing and cost-effective, it’s not necessarily the best and healthiest option for repairing teeth. Nowadays we can use more modern materials that are healthier for teeth and which will mend them almost invisibly. These materials are strong and hard wearing, and they have several advantages compared to amalgam, including the fact that they can look fantastic.

What are the Advantages of Amalgam Free Dentistry?

Amalgam-free dentistry is healthier for your teeth. This is because amalgam tends to flex when it comes under pressure, for example during chewing, and it can expand and contract whenever it comes into contact with hot or cold foods. The continual movement places pressure on the tooth, increasing the risk of microfractures that will weaken the overall structure and this increases the chances of the tooth cracking or failing. Composite resin and porcelain fillings will not react or change shape, but instead can be strongly bonded to your teeth, restoring the tooth in a way that is strong and biocompatible to improve your dental health.

We also prepare teeth slightly differently for amalgam free restorations, as we only need to remove damaged areas of your tooth, leaving more of the healthy tooth intact. With an amalgam filling it is necessary to remove more tooth structure in preparation for a filling.

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