Toothsavers Dentists

No Gap Check-Up and Clean

At Toothsavers Dentists, we accept all Australian health funds and believe that preventive dentistry promotes overall health and wellness. To make preventive dentistry more affordable, we offer no-gap coverage, which includes a dental exam, clean, fluoride treatments and x-rays including OPG (panoramic) x-rays.

  • Only available for eligible patients
  • Cannot be used with any other government scheme
  • Not redeemable for cash
  • Available only at Toothsavers Dentists with our practitioners
  • For patients who have private health insurance with an Australian health fund who can claim rebates to ensure a gap is not charged
  • Coverages include exam (011, 012), scale and clean (114), plaque removal (111), fluoride (121), x-rays (022 x2) and OPG (037).
  • Health fund rules apply
  • Patients must confirm their eligibility and claim rebates
  • Lack of coverage will require patients to pay at the time of service

No Health Fund Coverage? We Offer a Fixed Price

  • Adult check-up and clean $199
  • Children (under age 12) check-up and clean $149

Includes exam (011, 012), scale and clean (114), plaque removal (111), fluoride (121), x-rays (022 x2), OPG panoramic x-ray (037) unless one or more of the services listed are deemed unsuitable for patients based on the opinion of the practitioner.

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